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Equipping families, small groups, and teachers to teach the word of God in love and help our communities live prosperous and victorious lives.

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Our materials focus on building strong evangelists and disciples of God who walk in power through the Holy Spirit. We seek to help you build a strong foundation in the word of God so you can teach others to walk in love.

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Grow spiritually as you study the word of God. We help you build your relationship through God inspired materials. 

We use an online learning platform that allows you to grow at your own pace and keep track of your progress. 

Our materials help you increase your knowledge of the word of God.  As you become more confident about the power of God to work through you, you will begin to step out more and share your faith with others. You will become a stronger teacher and student in the word of God. 

Our courses help you grow in your knowledge of the word of God so you can teach others in your family. Whether you are a small group leader, classroom teacher, or parent, our resources will help you grow in the faith. 

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